Greymuzzle/milfurs breakfast at Anthrocon?

The past few yrs there has been a milfurs/greymuzzle breakfast at Anthrocon,
Sat morning about 8:30 am at the Penn City Grille--the restaurant on the 2nd
floor of the Westin. Any idea if this is taking place? Supposedly it didn't
show up on the conv schedule. I don't know who is in charge of organizing it--
if it was Waarhorse (Henry Bestwick) sadly he passed on a few months back.

Anyone know? Please respond here or join us at the anthrocon forum under Programming

Running a Greymuzzle Meet Panel at a Con

With my contract extended to end of this year I making a push to attend Rainfurrest in  Seattle this year. I ma going to push for  two or possible three panels. One dealing with Greymuzzles and second Christian Furs. If i like the outline I can throw in a history of Sanrio  /  Hello Kitty to boot.

The questions is  what is the best approach a panel and or a meet up. What topics should I consider to bring up? For any concerns I have ran the Otauku over 25, a panel for older anime fans at Kumoricon an anime con in the Portland Vancouver area.