Tek Roo (tekroo) wrote in greymuzzle,
Tek Roo

What Is A Greymuzzle?

Is a Greymuzzle just a creepy old Fur?

Is a Greymuzzle a mentor to others?

Do Greymuzzles go out of their way to present themselves as positive role models?

Do Greymuzzles band together in times of adversity to defeat teh ebil Drama Llama to keep the Fandom safe for critters of all age and species and ensure fun for all?

Should Greymuzzles attend 'cons dressed in flowing white robes and carrying gnarled walking sticks as a sign of age and wisdom and an invitation for others to gather 'round and share in our vast worldly philosophies and experiences?

Should Greymuzzles assemble in secret midnight conclave to discuss important matters like those darn cubs who ride their skateboards up and down the sidewalks at all hours and to initiate newcomers to the fold?

Is it just a bit of a laugh?

Just wondering!

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